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USA Youth & HS Rugby partners with Positive Coaching Alliance

USA Youth & High School Rugby (USAYHS) and the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) are proud to announce a new partnership.

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PCA will provide USA Youth & High School Rugby coaches access to online training, which will be mandated in the USA Youth & High School Rugby coaching program. PCA’s training will be ingrained into the USA Youth & High School Rugby coaching framework as an important component to prepare rugby coaches to work with players in positive ways that impact them both on and off the pitch.

Last season there was a noticeable uptick of reported incidents of sideline abuse and even further escalated altercations around the country. Along with USAYHS and RugbyNY, the PCA shares a strong commitment to upholding rugby culture and values centered around respect and solidarity.

Rugby has a unique culture and set of values with the coaches being the cultural keepers of the game. Our partnership with the Positive Coaching Alliance reinforces this role and provides a strong platform to continue the development of the rugby culture and the values that can be instilled in youth rugby players from positive coaching. The Positive Coaching Alliance approach adds to our key objective of youth rugby players having fun in a positive, safe environment.” - David Pool, President of USA Youth and High School Rugby

The partnership with PCA will provide excellent training and ongoing support for all our coaches in our community to uphold the values of rugby. All coaches now have access to PCA Double-Goal Coach:Coaching for Winning & Life Lessons online course. This course will eventually become a required part of the USAYHS coaching certification process.

Courses are self-paced, take about 90 minutes to complete, and include instructional modules and opportunities for interactivity and reflection. Once coaches register for the course, they will be able to log in and log out, and complete the course at their own pace from now thru August 26th, 2023 at no cost. (See the course instructions download below for details).

About the course:

DOUBLE-GOAL COACH®: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons

The research and experiences of great coaches across the country is clear: Positive is Powerful! In this highly-interactive, online Double-Goal Coach® course – with advice from top pro athletes and coaches on PCA’s National Advisory Board – coaches explore why and how to pursue both winning and the more important goal of teaching life lessons through sports. Coaches and leaders will complete the course as a PCA-certified Double-Goal Coach, knowing how to:

  • Fill Emotional Tanks

  • Coach for Mastery of Sport (Not Just Scoreboard Results)

  • Honor the Game.

  • In addition to advice from pro coaches, workshop content comprises:

    • Research-based insights from experts in coaching, education and sports psychology

    • Hands-on training in field-tested practical, proven tips tools that coaches can implement simply – but with profound results

    • The application of PCA tools and principles through specific scenarios to equip coaches to handle common challenges in youth sports.

The full Press Release can be found here.

USAY&HS Rugby_PCA Online Instructions 2022
Download PDF • 180KB

RugbyNY is the governing body for youth and high school rugby in the state of New York. They are a member of USA Youth & High School Rugby's Northeast region and are an officially recognized State Youth Rugby Organization (SYRO) by USA Rugby.

RugbyNY is registered with the New York State Department of State as a not-for-profit corporation and is recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.


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