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Rugby Xplorer '24 Season Checklist

Updated: Feb 9


The Rugby Xplorer (RX) registration and competition management system is now open for the upcoming RugbyNY 2024 season.

New this season is the ability to remove any registration type that your club does not use from your organization's list of available payment settings. This should help both club admins and members more easily navigate RX.

If you would like any of the payment settings shown on your club admin page removed, please contact us at

Please review our Rugby Xplorer '24 Season Checklist to make sure your club is ready for the new season:

  • Make sure your club is listed in Rugby Xplorer. If your club is new to RX, please contact RugbyNY Executive Director Rob Sliwinski at to get started.

  • Designate at least one person as club administrator. Admins do not need to be a player or a coach, they only need to have a Rugby Xplorer account.

    • If your club admin is missing or you need to add one, email us at requesting admin privileges. Be sure to specify which club you are requesting access for and be sure to use the exact email address from your RX profile.

  • Club administrators please verify your club's contact information. This can be done by logging in to your RX account and selecting "Admin Portal" from the left hand menu.

  • If you are a varsity high school program, you must complete a USA Youth & HS Rugby Varsity High School application each year. More information about the Varsity program is below.

  • Edit/Add your club's registration types and payment settings.

  • Add your list of teams for your club that will be playing this year. this should be done for all your teams, including Rookie, Flag, and Youth, as well as Middle School and High Sschool.

  • Assign at least one person to be a team admin for each team created. Club administrators can assign team admins. Like their club counterparts, team admins do not need to be a player or a coach.

  • Players register. There is no longer a bulk registration option.

  • Assign players to teams. This can be done by either club or team administrators.

Carryover from last season

Club administrators, payment settings and registration types from last year have all been carried over to the '23-'24 season in RX.

NOTE: We have been hearing of some cases where administrators or payment settings from last season have not carried over to. If this is the case for your club, please contact Registration Coordinator Fred Bressette at

Teams, team admins and squad lists from last year have all been archived and will need to be created new for this season.

RugbyNY '23-'24 RX Registration Types & Payment Settings

Registration types are defined by age. The chart below shows age ranges for the different types of registrations.

A spreadsheet showing the available player registration types by age for the RugbyNY '23-'24 season

Payment settings are set for each registration type offered by your club (Rookie, Youth, High School, etc.). Fees collected by RugbyNY, USA Youth & HS Rugby, and USA Rugby for each registration type are below. Fees collected by your club would be in addition to these.

A spreadsheet showing the fees for each available registration type for the RugbyNY '23-'24 season

Varsity High School

ALL Varsity High School clubs need to apply annually and be approved by USA Youth & HS Rugby before they can begin registering players.

Varsity High School Applications must be approved before players can register, even if the payment setting has been created.

Click here to read more about the Varsity High School program including requirements or to apply.

Help & Tutorials

Rugby Xplorer Step By Step Registration Guide (pdf) - click to download

Download PDF • 201KB

USA Youth & High School Rugby has a collection of short tutorial videos on how to register, how to setup your club to accept payments, and how to request/grand administrator access.

For any questions or issues with RX setup, registration or use of the platform, contact RugbyNY Registration Coordinator Fred Bressette at


The RugbyNY logo depicting a rugby ball over the outline of the state of NY

RugbyNY is the governing body for youth and high school rugby in the state of New York. They are a member of USA Youth & High School Rugby's Northeast region and are an officially recognized State Youth Rugby Organization (SYRO) by USA Rugby.

RugbyNY is registered with the New York State Department of State as a not-for-profit corporation and is recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

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